Indoor Putting Greens

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The Original Steve LaPorte Indoor Putting Greens™ are designed to keep your indoor golfing experience as true and realistic as it would be on the golf course. Our tapered contour pad allows you to create simple breaks with ease. Included a specially designed cup system that allows a properly stroked putt to react the same way as it would on the golf course. We also offers a 20" x 24" portable chipping mat that can be placed back from the green that allows you to practice chipping onto the green. A free backstop is included to keep balls from rolling off the end of the green.


Our best indoor putting green









el·e·gant: showing good taste : graceful and attractive. : simple and clever!


The high quality, low luster nylon surface that is used to create each handmade green has a luxurious look and realistic feel that is unmatched.

Our models offer an elegant choice for indoor greens that complement even the finest home interiors.

Each indoor putting green is hand made by Steve LaPorte.

These are truly a showpiece that every golfer would be proud to own.

Adobe Logo Indoor Putting Green
           G.W. Bush 5'x11'


Perfect for Trade Shows and Special Events

Indoor Putting Greens

Attract potential clients to your display by offering them a realistic challenge on your personalized putting green with company logo. A hole-in-one could register each person eligible for a drawing to win one of your products or services and more importantly give you the chance to "break the ice" with a future business client.

When demonstrating The Original Steve LaPorte Indoor Putting Greens™ in a limited area such as a trade show booth or special event, our flat surface allows for easy maneuvering without constantly having to avoid a raised edge or ramped up area to walk around. A tapered contour pad comes with our larger greens and can be placed in various locations beneath the greens to create simple breaks. New hard protective cases with wheels provide greater strength and protection during shipping to your special event.


Features and Specifications

Generous 9', 11', or 12' Lengths

Fully Portable. Easy to set up and use.

Includes (1) Cup with Flag on 5' x 11', 20" x 9' and 2.5' width models and (2) on 4' x 9' model. (3) cups included with our 5' x 12'.

A tapered contour pad is included with 5' x 11' and 4' x 9' models as well as all 2.5' width greens. (2) contour pads included with our 5' x 12'.

9-10 Stimpmeter Reading

Nylon Surface, 55 oz. face wt.

Standard 4 1/4" Diameter Hole

Optional Hard Case available for all putting greens

The Chipping Mat (optional) and Back Stop are available for all models.

Special unique shape on some models to not allow a straight edge to putt along creating a much more visually challenging putt!

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