Frequently Asked Questions

Can the indoor putting green be placed on carpeting or does it have to be placed over a hard surface like tile or wood?

In most cases, if the carpet and padding beneath the green are not too thick, then yes, you can place the putting green over carpet. You may have an issue with the green wanting to "walk" or work its' way in one direction and find yourself having to pull it back into place.  If the carpet is too thick, then the putting green will want to creep in the direction of the carpet beneath it.  As with all carpets, the surface nap will want to lay over in the direction that the carpet was rolled at the mill.   An easy fix for this is to apply double sided carpet tape in a couple of places underneath the putting green along the opposite edge of the direction that the carpet moves.  This tape can be found at  Home Depot or Lowes.

Is the cup deep? Does the ball actually drop into the cup?

Our unique cup and flag system works just like you would see on the actual golf course.  On a properly stroked putt, when the ball reaches the cup, it will fall 1/2' into the cup and the opposite side of the ball will make contact with a clear tentacle ball that is on the flagstick keeping the ball in the cup.  You can easily hit 3-4 balls into the cup before removing them.  The shallow cup makes for easy removal for in-home putting practice.  This also eliminates the need for a ramped up area around the hole just to make the cup deeper.  You can see how this works on our demonstration video on our homepage.

What is the speed or "stimp" of the putting green surface?

The speed of a putting green on an actual course will vary due to many conditions including grass height, moisture, temperature, and grain due to sun position.  With our indoor putting greens you will find an initial speed, using a stimp meter, of 9 out of the box.  Over time, with frequent vacuuming and use, the speed of the ball will gradually speed up and average around 10 on the stimp meter.  This is caused by the surface tufts "blossoming" or becoming dense with use.  You will find that in a limited space on a portable indoor putting green that a speed of 9-10 is perfect for indoor practice.

How easy is it to set up the putting green?

It take just a couple minutes.  Simply remove your putting green from the box and unroll it.  Follow the simple directions to insert the cup in the hole and adjust the tentacle ball height on the flagstick and you are ready to putt.

How durable is the putting green?  How long will it last?

Fifteen years ago the very first Original Steve LaPorte Indoor Putting Green (5'x11') was used as a prototype and advertising material. It was placed at my sister's home in the main walkway between her kitchen and family room.  Her two children, now sixteen and eighteen, used this putting green continuously over the years.  This  specific putting green has endured an extreme amount of foot traffic and abuse and still looks great today.  I recently took that same putting green and ran a household rug cleaner over it. It looked so good that I ended up putting a logo on it and my wife used it for a fundraiser for her school. It now proudly sits in her office with continuous traffic and daily use.  My putting greens are not meant to compete in price with the lesser priced greens on the market.  My surface cost per square yard is more than some of the putting greens out there today.  I can assure you that you will not find a more beautiful, longer lasting indoor putting green on the market."  Steve LaPorte

Can you apply a logo to any of the putting green models?

Your name or company logo can be applied to the surface of any putting green model adding a whole new dimension to your marketing campaign.  Simply forward the artwork  in the proper format and we will have your custom logo applied and ready to ship in 3-4 days (or less).  Refer to our page on submitting logo artwork for complete and simple instructions on how to send your file. 
I invite you to view our customer list to see the well known companies that have had their logos applied to our indoor putting green models. Click on our social media buttons on the left side of this page to view more beautiful photos of company logos.  The Original Steve Laporte Indoor Putting Greens have pioneered the process of applying clean, crisp logos to the greens. Do a simple online image search for "logo putting greens."  The results will prove that our greens are the only choice when it comes to adding your company logo.




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